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FRIDAY 18 APRIL, 2014 | RSS Feed

Top Ten Movie - Frozen
November 27, 2013 , Eagle appeared in the movie "Frozen" premiere , he had convinced that this animation with main line of the two sisters is very special, it is the animation giant system that Disney fame animation giant system the magical world. Until the crew list of persons appear in the screen one by one , he could not have had choked himself . "Fortunately, I took my 3D glasses ," he said , "This is the most proud moment since my term as CEO of the Walt Disney."
High hopes for "Frozen" really did, it snatched the " Lion King" throne entrenched for many years , becoming the highest grossing works of Disney currently. From week champion to breaking 100 million , a lot of box office records to be refreshed.
How much is the $ 1 billion at the box office achieved In the early March? It has been more than two "Kung Fu Panda " movies ( $ 380 million ) , two " Despicable Me " movie series ( $ 620 million ) and four Ice Age film series ( $ 730 million ) . This $ 1 billion at the box office has made " Frozen " became the 18th movie to make money , and the second Disney animated film following closely to the "Toy Story 3". According to reports, the production, promotion fee of "Frozen " is only $ 150 million .
This animated film has been acclaim in-outside the industry , was named " The Top Ten Movie" by " Time Magazine," " New York Post " and other authoritative media , " New York Times ", " Wall Street Journal ( blog , Twitter ) " "Los Angeles Times ", " Variety" , " Hollywood Reporter " also praised again and again . In addition to acquired the Oscar awards recently , it had also won a Golden Globe for best animated feature , " Oscar animation movie " Annie Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Director five awards , etc., become the biggest winner in this year.

Disney Powerfully Return

Speaking of the world famous Disney , its classic animated characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck has been sweeping the globe. It relies on hand-drawn animated dance , make a lot of familiar works, such as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ," " Beauty and the Beast ," " Aladdin " and "The Lion King ," which are known as Disney " four classic animated film . " in the 1990s
However, after entering the era of 3D animation , CG animation techniques face (Computer Graphics, the use of computer technology in the field of visual design and production ) impact , coupled with peer DreamWorks Animation Disney proud spoof fairy tale mode and successful, at the same time Pixar with form of fairy tales and dance projected in the CG era, Disney animation Movie by the legendary of prince and princess love is tedious and lost its appeal in the audience.
Therefore change occurs . Disney embarked on the road to the creation of a technological advantage with Pixar and Disney CG integration of hand-drawn style . After several years of running and experience, a perfect combination of Pixar genes and Disney traditional dance class animated fairy tale "Frozen" is pushed to the screen , Disney then powerfully return .

Disney Magic Reshaping
"Frozen" , the animated 3D adventure , which is adapted from a world-famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Snow Queen" , the film tells the story of after her sister Aisha inherit the throne , her uncontrolled magic frozen earth. In order to break Aisha’s icy curse , optimistic fearless little sister Princess Anne joins forces with Kristoff, a lover of adventure mountain with a strangely close relationship with his reindeer Sven , and Olaf, a goofy snowman and begin some magic endless journey twists.
Although the film interpretation of the traditional themes of Disney animation - Princess and prince fairy tale, but it becomes more modern fairy tale : the prince and princess is no longer end with" live happily Days" ; movie themes no longer love , but blood between sisters is thicker than affection; in the drama princess could be " iron lady " , no longer need to look forward to the day when Prince Charming appear, and the prince becomes a " male brains " and even not a decent roles. the innovative animated characters make the audience feel closer now . Thus , the audience is willing to pay to enjoy this Disney Movie which is not the same with the past Disney fairy tale.

Disney Return of the King

2013 coincided with the ninetieth anniversary of the birthday of Disney Animation Studios, the great success of "Frozen", marking the animation giant who had lost finally revival, to find their own way. The so-called Return of the King, will set off a new wave in the animation field
On March 3 morning, the 86th Annual Academy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles. Disney animated film "Frozen" won two awards the Best Animated Feature Film and Best Film Song. It is reported that since 2002 the establishment of this award, the first Disney animated film award at the Oscars.
Meanwhile, Disney also see they are looking for fame and fortune in the scene: In early March, the official worldwide box office exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars, adding "$ 1 billion club", ranked No. 18 in the history of film box office charts, became one of the most profitable works in the history of the entertainment industry. Undoubtedly, the success of the animated film, signifing Disney, a century-old company strong return.

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